Why did Governor DeWine go with a modeling exercise done by The Ohio National Guard in conjunction with the Department of Defense instead of an expert on how to clean up the chemical spill?

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Ohio Governor Delivers Update as Concern Surrounding East Palestine Derailment Grows.


Excerpts from Governor DeWine’s and Governor Shapiro’s call that details how the decision was made to burn the chemicals . . .

Governor Devine said: We also looked at what the danger was from a controlled release, which is what the railroad felt should be done. Again, Governor Shapiro and I spent considerable time, up to about two hours as I recall, asking a lot of questions about how that would take place. We had the benefit of the Ohio National Guard that had done a modeling exercise. They did that in conjunction with the US Defense Department, who gave them some additional information and help in regard to the modeling.

A controlled release just means “they” blew up the chemicals . . . You know the same damn chemicals they were afraid would explode on their own.

Are these people STUPID? Or do they believe we are STUPID?

The modeling was then produced into a map, a map, I believe, that we showed everyone that day when we had a press conference. There was a red area that they described as the likelihood of death. Within that red area, it would be very high.

There was a little area outside that, the yellow area, where they also described it would be very dangerous to be there, but not quite as dangerous as it was within the red– within the red area.

[So, after being told that if these chemicals explode there was a high likelihood of death. They decided to initiate the explosion themselves.]

We then made the decision to go ahead with the second option, which was the controlled release.

As that was being prepared to be done, we sent back law enforcement into those zones, the red zone, and the yellow zone, for the third time to knock on– literally knock on doors. And they described how they did it to me. They did it in– very loud, did everything they could do to get– if there’s anyone left in that house, to get their attention to come out.

[So, I decided to do a quick search on the internet for the steps to clean up vinyl chloride]

The very first step is to ensure that . . . “ALL SOURCES OF IGNITION MUST BE ELIMINATED”

Vinyl chloride – Cleanup Methods



Cleanup Methods Leaks should be stopped as soon as possible. All sources of ignition must be eliminated. Vinyl chloride vapor can travel to an ignition source and flash back causing a flash fire. Because of the explosive hazard, fire at a leak must not be extinguished unless the leak is simultaneously closed. In the event of a spillage, liquid should be contained and discharges to streams or sewer system prevented.

People performing the clean-up should have full protective equipment and positive pressure breathing apparatus. If Vinyl chloride is ignited, it will turn into Phosgene.

Phosgene. CDC – Facts About Phosgene



So, why in the hell would Ohio “Officials” decide to burn the spilled vinyl chloride?

They knew very well that burning this chemical would change its composition into a highly toxic gas known as Phosgene. The officials even stated this fact when they announced what they called a “controlled burn”.

A controlled burn is also known as a prescribed burn.

Controlled burn – Wikipedia


Crews release toxic chemicals from derailed tankers in Ohio.


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered evacuations in the area of the derailment that has been smoldering since Friday night. Authorities believed most, if not all, residents in the danger zone had left but they were knocking on doors one more time before releasing the vinyl chloride inside the cars, he said. “You need to leave; you just need to leave. This is a matter of life and death,” DeWine said at news conference.

Officials warned the controlled burn would send phosgene and hydrogen chloride into the air. Phosgene is a highly toxic gas that can cause vomiting and breathing trouble and was used as a weapon in World War I.

Burning a toxic chemical that turns into an even more dangerous gas is the furthest thing from a controlled burn. It is the exact opposite!

The officials in Ohio chose to intentionally poison their citizens and town rather than clean up the spill correctly.

Sil Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist, discusses more chemicals found on East Palestine, Ohio train derailment.


Just as a side note . . .

Why did the CDC update their toxicological profile of Vinyl Chloride on January 23, 2023?

CDC updated the toxicological profile of Vinyl Chloride in January 2023 to justify CARDIAC issues of the poisonous substance. In 2006, quote: ‘At high concentrations (>30,000 ppm), vinyl chloride has been shown to sensitize the heart to epinephrine, resulting in cardiac arrhythmias in dogs (Clark and Tinston 1973).

Link to CDC 2006 pdf https://web.archive.org/web/20211104134452/https:/www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp20.pdf

And NOW the 2023 version justifies CARDIAC issues of vinyl chloride in new added section, quote: ‘This was demonstrated in a dog study where the EC50 for cardiac sensitization for vinyl chloride was determined to be 50,000 ppm (Clark and Tinston 1973).

‘Cardiac sensitization by halogenated hydrocarbons generally occurs at very high air concentrations (0.5–90%) when the compounds were tested as anesthetic agents in experimental studies (Brock et al. 2003). Therefore, it appears unlikely that individuals exposed to low levels of vinyl chloride will experience these effects.‘

Link to January 2023 CDC pdf

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