Proof that CoVid-19 is nothing more than a purposely created highly contagious flu.

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Seqirus is the world’s largest producer of cell line-based influenza vaccines (Flucelvax).

Cell-culture flu shot (e.g., Flucelvax) is a quadrivalent vaccine produced using animal cell lines instead of chicken eggs. The particular animal cell line used for 2019 was dog kidney cells.

Another coincidence? Flucelvax by Seqirus has been ready for use since 2016. Almost like they were holding off on introducing it – very interesting.

This new “super” vaccine VIQCC contains four types of viruses (poisons)
• 2 type – A viruses (poisons) (H1N1 and H3N2)
• 2 type B viruses (poisons)
• This new combination of viruses (poisons) mixed with dog kidney cells may have impacted the immune system in such a way as to increase coronavirus infection through virus interference.
• The Dog kidney cell line that was used was probably infected with Coronaviruses a.k.a. Parasites.
• This is why I believe Ivermectin works so well to treat CoVid-19.

I believe these animal cell line vaccines (poisons) were infected with animal coronavirus from dog kidney cells and distributed in 2018 to our military veterans and again in 2019 worldwide. I discuss this in my latest video. The link to the video is below.

Here is the proof that Co-Vid -19 is nothing more than a lab-created super flu poison combo.

Credentialed Scientists Tested 1500 Samples and No Covid Found, Only Influenza A & B (Video)

Laboratories in the U.S. Can’t Find Covid-19 In 1500 Positive Tests
Deaths were from Type A and Type B influenza viruses.

Chief epidemiologist of Chinese CDC admits: ‘They didn’t isolate the virus”

No – they have never seen the alleged ‘virus’ code or isolated ‘it’ from other genetic material, bacteria, and/or toxins in a laboratory – instead, they created a computer-generated fiction to terrify the world into accepting fascism

CoVid-19 is really a CDC Computer-Generated ‘Virus’ (Poison)

FOI’s reveal that Health Science institutions around the World have No Record of SARS COV 2 Isolation Purification, Anywhere, Ever – Rob Scholte Museum

Is this why we are already seeing stories about this new combo-shot for both CoVid-19 and the Flu?

CSL, the Australian parent company of Holly Springs-based Seqirus, said it has partnered with the University of Queensland on that institution’s coronavirus vaccine initiative. CSL will offer technical assistance and provide Seqirus with proprietary adjuvant technology – MF59 – to the preclinical development program. Adjuvants are used in vaccines to create a stronger immune response and to speed vaccine development and output.

Now that Seqirus believes they got away with relabeling the flu as (Co-Vid-19) undetected.

The Coronavirus/Flu combo shots will be introduced with new partners and more front companies. Seqirus’s new partners in crime are CSL and Novavax. These new partnerships will give Seqirus cover and will allow them to cash in on the New Combo Vaccines for 2021.

Oh, these psychopaths are so damn sneaky. These pieces of shit are actually going to utilize the Emergency Use Auth Act to roll out these untested combo-shots! They are going to continue to kill, paralyze, and sterilize the population, but this time they are creating a combo vaccine (poison) that will kill two birds with one stone.

COVID-flu combo vaccine from Novavax sparks immune response to both viruses in animals. By Arlene Weintraub | May 10, 2021

NVX-CoV2373 is being tested in several trials around the world, and as variants of the virus continue to raise concerns, Novavax’s data have been under the spotlight. Last week, the company released data showing that its vaccine was 51% effective in HIV-negative people in protecting against the South African variant of the coronavirus. Efficacy dropped to 43% in HIV patients, and investors were none too happy with those results.

The rise of variants, as well as ongoing questions about how long vaccines will protect against COVID-19, have many experts speculating that yearly coronavirus booster shots will be needed.

That has sparked interest in combining annual flu protection with COVID vaccination. Even though seasonal flu was virtually nonexistent this year, Novavax maintains that it will be a threat in the future, when masking and other pandemic-related restrictions are lifted.

All vaccines (poisons) create variants. All of them. In previous animal trials with these types of poisonous therapies all the animals died. These companies already know this and do not give a shit. The depopulation agenda moves forward.

The flu was virtually non-existent because CoVid-19 is the flu on steroids.
Once these even deadlier combo shots are rushed to market, the next and final step for these psychopaths will be the booster shots. Once these quantum dot hydrogel shots are given it is game over for the human population.

Your COVID vaccine booster might be a patch or a pill. Or it might come with your flu shot.

Moderna announced Thursday, September 9, 2021, that it is planning to create a single-dose vaccine that serves as a booster against both COVID-19 and the influenza virus as part of its “novel respiratory vaccine program.”

The vaccine will not be ready for this year’s flu season, which some experts predict could be worse than last year’s. The 2020 influenza season was virtually nonexistent, likely because the majority of the country was participating in coronavirus preventive measures that curbed the spread of other respiratory viruses.

Moderna working on a hybrid CoVid/flu vaccine.

Moderna to mix COVID, flu vaccines
The company said the new vaccine — called mRNA-1073 — mixes the current COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna and a flu shot that’s still being developed.

If you didn’t see my latest video, here it is with show notes and additional links for further research. . .

This nightmare is never going to end until enough of us say NO! Time is of the essence. We either speak now or we will be silenced forever.

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  1. Hi from the UK again.

    If you haven’t seen my earlier comment I would just say that Covid 19 means many things, not just the ‘flu re branded as per your very good post.

    Strictly, if Covid 19 is anything, it is the exosome as I set out under my Covid 19 Summary sub-link.

    The virologists have got it wrong with their theory and have been looking at the body’s defence system as I have explained.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael The resoluteprotector’sson


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