We have many Covid-19 treatments that have been proven effective “We Do Not Need Any Vaccine”

  • ‘Covid Organics’, an artemisia product containing quercimeritrin
  • High selenium levels (brazil nuts)
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) raises glutathione, inhibits hypercoagulation, breaks up blood clots and improves immune function

https://healthtruth.info/we-need-to-focus-on-the-immune-system-in-the-next-virus- season/#vitamin-c-d

Green tea and some fruit juices inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in vitro:

  • Green tea, chokeberry juice, and pomegranate juice killed flu and SARS-CoV-2 viruses when incubated with the viruses in vitro. Thus, oral rinsing using these might be effective in preventing COVID-19.


Mouthwash might be able to kill coronavirus in your mouth, but it won’t cure you. So make sure you keep up on your oral hygiene.


Zinc and Hydroxychloroquine HCQ or quercetin (reduces covid-19 mortality by 90%)


Other and combined treatments: azithromycin, Bromhexine, Heparin, ivermectin and Doxycycline, also inhaled Budesonide.

  • Proven Effective Triple Therapy: Ivermectin, Zinc and Doxycycline: Ivermectin-based treatments have cured hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 infected patients worldwide. Ivermectin has also successfully protected thousands of doctors who have been treating COVID-19 infected patients. As the evidence throughout this report reveals, scientific studies and clinical trials have proven that Ivermectin-based treatments kill the SARS- CoV-2 virus in humans with little, if any, side effects. Even better news than all of that, Ivermectin when combined with Zinc is effective in killing many RNA viruses, such as the common cold, influenza, SARS, COVID-19, Dengue Virus, hepatitis C, hepatitis E, West Nile fever, Ebola, rabies, polio and measles.

https://travag.blog/2020/09/05/proven-effective-triple-therapy-ivermectin-zinc-and- doxycycline/

We have several excellent treatments . . . none of this mass hysteria or lockdowns are necessary.

The Danish randomized controlled trial on the real-world efficacy of face masks against coronavirus infection – just published their results from their study in the Annals of Internal Medicine. As expected, the trial found no statistically significant benefit of wearing a face mask. https://swprs.org/2020/11/18/danish-mask-study-no-benefit/

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People https://greatgameindia.com/portuguese-court-pcr-tests-unreliable/

WHO PCR 47 (!) Cycles


CT over 35 is non-infectious https://www.infectiousdiseaseadvisor.com/home/topics/covid19/ct-value-may-inform-when-patients-with-covid-19-can-be-safely-discharged

Cycle Thresholds Too Damn High

Corman Drosten retraction request https://cormandrostenreview.com/report/

Forced Vaccination violates the Nuremberg Code and every psychopath that is involved in this tyranny will be subjected to the death penalty. WE DO NOT CONSENT! Vaccines are not needed. We have several treatments that are 100% effective. https://www.imarcresearch.com/blog/bid/359393/nuremberg-code-1947#:~:text=The%20Nuremberg%20Code%20aimed%20to,the%20greater%20good%20of%20society

No made-up rule or mandate is above our constitutional rights. NONE! https://www.justice.gov/crt/deprivation-rights-under-color-law


This is a “Crime Against Humanity” and must be stopped.

Stay healthy and “Do Not Take Any Vaccine”

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