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I wrote about this story in 2019 and only shared with close friends, I believe that the public may be interested in some of the stories that I discovered especially since the old gang is back in the White House and are hell bent on destroying the United States using illegal immigration. Just looking through the book alone is fascinating. Enjoy!

I found the entire file on 8 chan. I believe it is all true and it seems the wife (Lynne MacNee) is calling out for help and trying to expose this information. Not sure if she meant to leave the notebook, but it seems that she was looking for anyone to listen to her. Here is also the case that is referenced in the notes. I downloaded the file and made a google link for the file.

I copied the 8 chan file and created a google pdf here:

Case et al v. Tribe Mobile, Inc et al, No. 1:2012cv00416 – Document 33 (D. Idaho 2013)

Some of the biggest discoveries are the following:

Organizations, Churches, Charities, Go-Fund-Me Accounts, Prepaid Phone plans, Cell Phones, Cell Phone applications, and Prepaid Mastercard are being used to funnel and launder money to pay for weapons, drugs, people, whatever they want. A donation is made, the money is then given out as part of the charitable funds through a Mastercard, that money can then be used to purchase the Galaxy phone with Virgin Mobile minutes through Sprint . Probably through an app
more money is transferred to refill the card. No taxes, no records of real people, nothing is traceable.

The Gulf Bank contact sets up the accounts that all the money flows through to create the reverse money laundering. What a set up? You have to hand it to them. This is pretty genius. They can also use the phones to transfer bit coin as well as then transfer the bit coin into dollars when needed. I believe this is a pretty big story and we are not hearing much about it.

Virgin Mobile and prepaid phones. Here is what I mean, and this is huge.

Who is the biggest pusher of MasterCard prepaid cards which are then used to purchase prepaid phones? No other than our favorite criminals to hate but George and Alexander Soros. migrants-refugees-idUSKBN1531H2 innovation-to-refugees-around-the-globe/#122608f93ef7

Virgin Mobile partners with Sprint.
The following link can be accessed through Duck Duck Go . . . fro.aspx Virgin Mobile Assures Existing Android Customers of Continuous Ser…

In 2017, Virgin Mobile announced the new Inner Circle offer along with their plans of becoming an iPhone-exclusive company. The phones are also used to track people, but I believe most people are aware of this, however; not sure how many people are aware of the money laundering capabilities of the pre-paid or postpaid card. phone-microbilt-zumigo-tmobile

Peter Macnee was a new name for me, but I believe he is just a foot man. But of course, Branson, The Podesta’s, The Bush’s, The Clinton’s and Obama the fake are of interest. But the main name that keeps jumping out at me is Richard Branson Although, I knew he was involved in some shady shit . . . after reading all of this and looking further into the prepaid phones, he is a main player along with Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim was married to Soumaya Domit from 1967 until her death in 1999. Among her interests were various philanthropic projects, including the creation of a legal framework for organ donation. Imagine that? Slim owns the biggest individual stock stake in the NY Times currently at 17%.

Organ Trafficking
18, 000 Syrian Children have had their Organs Harvested. . . Reports from the Director-General of the Syrian Coroner’s Office affirm that thousands of Syrian children have had… by v4vapid on Steemit. their-organs-harvested-over-the-last-6-years harvested-over-the-last-6-years/

The churches have definitely been infiltrated and used to launder and cover lots of nefarious acts up. It is sickening. 501c3s, Religious organizations, like the Catholic Church and Islamic Organizations. The Maronite Church is an Eastern Catholic sui iuris particular church in full communion with the Pope and the worldwide Catholic Church.

Tribe Mobile
and all of the prepaid Sprint Richard Branson phones are directly connected with
T.D. Bank, Chase Bank, Deutsche Bank, Suisse Bank, CTBC, U.S. Bank and (Commer2Bank) 349458B01PUBLIC1.pdf

The Fraud that is The Green Climate Fund.
The Green Climate Fund was born with these key issues unresolved. We can see the fallout in the workings of its governing board, which has 24 members drawn equally from developed and developing countries and operates exclusively by consensus. Meetings have often run into the small hours of the morning, with key decisions fudged or postponed. Voting is off the cards because they can’t agree on what system to use.

These asshats are using this damn Green Fund as a backdoor way to still charge us for false Global warming. Uggghhh…

The father of the fraud by many names including climate change and global warming is Maurice Strong. globalist-oiligarch-environmentalist/ He passed away in 2015, but his nefarious plans of ripping everyone off are still in play. He connects to all the evil ones.

The inspector general report cites that as one case in which USCIS employees believed political influence was at work.

“Mayorkas intervened in an administrative appeal related to the denial of a regional center’s application to receive EB-5 funding to manufacture electric cars through investments in a company in which Terry McAuliffe was the board chairman,” the IG report said. “The intervention was unprecedented and, because of the political prominence of the individuals involved, was well as USCIS’s traditional deference to its administrative appeals process, staff perceived it as politically motivated.”

The report also draws attention to the role played by Rodham, who ran an EB-5 visa investment known as Gulf Coast Funds Management, which directed funds to Greentech. Rodham’s sister was secretary of state during much of the time that Gulf Coast and Greentech were pressing USCIS for approvals to accept investments that could lead to green cards for foreigners willing to front up more than $550,000 in principal and fees. of-hillary-clinton-116370

Digi Cel in Haiti… Tony Rodham was in on that … Dennis O’Brien was involved in the investment vehicle.
Digicel is run by Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien. He set up lucrative speeches for Bill Clinton and donated millions of dollars of his own money to the Clintons’ foundation. There was also a plan to raise money by exploiting Haiti’s rich mineral wealth. One company that got a rare gold permit was VCS mining. It didn’t actually have much mining experience, but it would soon have Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, on its board. “Tony Rodham has no background in Haiti and he has no background in mining,” said Schweizer. “Why on earth is he on the board and in this position to profit from VCS’s mining gold exploitation permit in the first place?” philly-project-116596

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians |
In Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Dinesh D’Souza exposes how the Clinton Foundation got rich off poor Haitians. dinesh-dsouza-clinton-foundation/National Reviewalley quake-haiti backdated-contracts-and-multimillion-frauds-in-the-name-of-h.html haiti-contracts-us-taxpayers/

Clinton Cash
The just released documentary “Clinton Cash,” based on a book by Peter Schweizer, explains how they make big money by selling access to themselves.

Teneo and The Clinton Machine
“Machine politics”—today the phrase seems quaint, evoking a bygone Gilded Age of Tammany Hall, cigar smoke and burly ward bosses getting out the vote. But as investigative journalists focus on the torrent of cash generated by “Clinton Inc.”—and the growing evidence.

Judicial Watch: The Giustra File: “Sustainable Growth” & Huge Profits
We can’t say we weren’t warned. As revelations pour in about the sketchy ties between big business, big donors, the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, the founding documents of that relationship continue to surprise, sometimes for sheer audacity.

Credit Cards and Terrorist
Interviews with terrorism experts and readings of case studies from around the world reveal that the credit cards have become a favored tool of terrorists.
How you turn legitimate money into dirty money. That is reverse money laundering. Reverse Money Laundering. This seems to be how they provided the money for the weapons in the middle east so it could not be tracked.

All they need is a foundation and a banker to funnel it all through and they are in business. Rabih Soukarieh is one of their main collaborators.

Credit cards and terrorism: How terrorists use cards
Interviews with terrorism experts and readings of case studies from around the world reveal that the credit cards have become a favored tool of terrorists.

Reverse Money Laundering
Reverse money laundering is the process where the money that starts out legitimate and grows “dirty” in its ultimate purpose. Terrorist financing is also often referred to as reverse money laundering as it focuses on utilizing legal assets to carry out terrorist activities…

Soros Partners with Mastercard To Hand Out Money to Migrants
Soros is effectively providing open financial support for migrants and refugees seeking to enter the US and Europe… Also, all of the caravan members are given pre-paid cards. migrants

Undercover Video Catches Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s Staffers… cruz_us_5bdca1fde4b09d43e31edb65

Sen. Ted Cruz suspects dirty deeds somehow involving the caravan of migrants in southern Mexico. Even Beto O’Rourke is on the funding.

Corey Lynn: Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons & Richard Branson
Who knew that the Clintons and Richard Branson were spearheading a renewable energy project across the entire Caribbean known as the ‘Ten Island Challenge’, locking in every island, forming a perimeter around all their favorite places, such as Haiti, the Dominican Republican?

Migrants’ Remittances to Mexico, Central America Jump to $53 Billion
Migrants sent $53.4 billion in remittances back to Mexico and Central America, more than double the cost of building a border barrier
New story that relates to this topic. remittances-to-mexico-central-america-jump-to-53-billion-in-2011

More news that connects to this story . . .

Remember Manuel Noriega? Remember how much contraband and cash was moving thru his dictatorship to all points beyond? This is narco-trafficking, Fast and Furious, and human smuggling – all that money being cleaned and re laundered. dictator-cia-asset

Panama Papers: drug-lords/

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca Tied to Nazis, CIA & Mexican Drug Lords
The Panama Papers, which relied heavily on the leaked information from Mossack Fonseca law firm, may not just be about State actors and corporate players’ secret offshore shell companies, etc. Full list including background on Ivan Glasenberg of Glencore and Carlos Slim… just to name a few – the spider-web of connections from this is mind numbing :

This is a list of people and organizations named in the Paradise Papers as connected to offshore companies. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists had stated in their politician’s database as disclaimer, that “There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and…

There has been much talk about the thousands of sealed indictments from the DOJ. Finally, it looks like one of them may have been unsealed. over-mozambique-fraud
VLTV- Sealed Indictments Showing Themselves

CEO of Digicel Group Dies . . .
Chief Executive Officer of the Digicel Group Alexander Matuschka is dead, the telecommunications company has confirmed. Antonia Graham, head of public relations for the Digicel Group, says Matuschka, 47, died suddenly yesterday while vacationing…

Coincidence? suddenly

The Guardian: Glencore fires first salvo against ATO over Paradise Papers leak
World’s biggest miner moves to block Australian tax office from using documents it claims were obtained in leak. All kinds of people are being indicted, killed or shut down behind the scenes.
He had only been CEO for 10 months. Full name: Alex Matuschka von Greiffenclau (Griffin claw) – in charge of Corporate wide audit/debt restructuring plan… he found it probably. Unable to find cause of death anywhere… canned statement from firm.

These people are so damn evil. first-salvo-against-ato-over-paradise-papers-leak

Look at all of this happening…

The Guardian: Oligarchs hide billions in shell companies. Here’s how we stop the…
The Panama Papers have helped tax authorities recover over $500m around the world. Property registries could ensure that even more is recovered papers

The Guardian: Daphne Caruana Galizia obituary
Maltese investigative journalist determined to expose crime and corruption.
This is the journalist that broke the story about the Panama Papers. Of Course, she is dead now.
Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton, State Department

Foundation of Scandal most of the players are in here. Briefing Book: The Foundation of Scandal “SHE CREATED THIS MESS AND SHE KNOWS IT” Clinton’s Top Aide Huma Abedin Lamented That Conflicts with The Foundation Are Clinton’s “Mess and She Knows It.”

Here are some final connections. Enjoy!
Now another point of interest to me are the psychedelics that are used in their mind- bending program. One of the CIA’s favorite drugs that they like to use is in the crime ridden streets of Colombia, urban myths tell of the horrors surrounding a local drug nicknamed “the devil’s breath.” The drug’s real name is scopolamine, an anticholinergic drug derived from a number of trees native to South America. Hailed in a 2013 Vice documentary as ‘the world’s scariest drug,’ scopolamine is known to turn its user (or victim rather) into a docile zombie ready to do exactly what its perpetrator wants. worlds-scariest-drug-can-block-free-will-wipe-your-memory-even-kill/

John B. Wells and Bill Majcher
Caravan to Midnight : John B Wells – Bill Majcher ( Part Two) “The bad guys have all the money and no rules; the good guys have all the rules and no money.” Not sure if the video is still on their website, but here is the just of the show.
You won’t want to miss this show – tonight we welcome Bill Majcher. Bill is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector with almost 35 years of professional and operational experience. Early in his career he left the high paying world of a Euro-Bond trader in London, to pursue a more adventurous life that saw him working covertly for over two decades conducting drug and money laundering transactions with all manner of criminals and terrorists alike. Bill today has used his experience and is the Founder of EMIDR Limited, a Hong Kong based Asset Recovery firm that specializes in working with governments to track down and locate billions of dollars that are stolen due to government corruption and malfeasance.

Gordon Bowden
A private investigator by the name of Gordon Bowden has found an awful lot of mud at this luxurious address that backs into The Ritz Hotel in London. One could wonder how such a noble person…

Pandora’s Box opens up more Crime – Part 10 (Final) pandora%E2%80%99s-box-22-arlington-street-london/

Kevin Shipp
He is highly trained in Behavior Manipulation. I have read his book “Company of Shadows” and my big takeaway was the existence of a shadow government that works in conjunction with the government that everyone sees. Kevin Shipp shares important information on the Shadow Government and behind the scenes information concerning Vietnam.

Here is Kevin Shipp’s website Kevin Shipp | CIA Whistle Blower | Shadow Government | Deep State
Kevin Shipp – Exposing the Shadow Government that manipulates the elected government behind the scenes and exposing constitutional violations.


Phoenix Program: The Phoenix Program, created by the CIA in 1967, was aimed at “neutralizing”—through assassination, kidnapping, and torture, the civilian infrastructure that supported the Viet Cong insurgency in South Vietnam. It was a terrifying “final solution” that violated the Geneva Conventions. The Phoenix Program’s civilian targets of assassination were VC tax collectors, supply officers, political cadre, local military officials, and suspected sympathizers. Faulty intelligence often led to the murder of innocent civilians, rival Vietnamese would report their enemies as “VC” in order for US troops to kill them. In 1971, William Colby, head of CIA in Vietnam, testified the number killed was 20,857. South Vietnamese government figures were 40,994 dead. CIA officer Ted Shackley managed (600 military and (40-50) CIA liaison officers) who were working with South Vietnamese officers in 44 provinces.

Ted Shackley and Robert Komer played key roles in recruiting Phoenix Program personnel. Many Covert Action officers were Cuban refugees from the Bay of Pigs fiasco. They ran the CIA’s Counter-Terror (CT) Teams, which were in fact assassination squads. Colby, Komer, and Shackley reported to DCI Richard Helms and the White House. From the beginning the Phoenix Program was conceived by the White House and supported by the CIA.

Phoenix called for “neutralizing” 1800 targets a month. About one third of VC targeted for arrest were summarily executed. Green Berets and Navy SEALs would assassinate suspected VC sympathizers or cadres, as well as South Vietnamese collaborators and double agents. In 1982 an Ex-Phoenix operative revealed that sometimes orders were given to kill U.S. military personnel who were considered security risks. He suspects the orders came not from “division”, but from a higher authority such as the CIA or the Office of Naval Intelligence.

The following is testimony of Vincent Okamoto, combat officer (Lieutenant) in Vietnam in 1968, and recipient of Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest award conferred by the US Army. Wounded 3 times. “The problem was, how do you find the people on the blacklist? It’s not like you had their address and telephone number. The normal procedure would be to go into a village and just grab someone and say, ‘Where’s Nguyen so-and-so?’ Half the time the people were so afraid they would say anything. Then a Phoenix team would take the informant, put a sandbag over his head, poke out two holes so he could see, put commo wire around his neck like a long leash, and walk him through the village and say, ‘When we go by Nguyen’s house scratch your head.’ Then that night Phoenix would come back, knock on the door, and say, ‘April Fool, motherfucker.’ Whoever answered the door would get wasted. As far as they were concerned whoever answered was a Communist, including family members. Sometimes they’d come back to camp with ears to prove that they killed people.” Penetrations into the Viet Cong Infrastructure was accomplished by blackmailing or terrorizing a member of a targeted individual’s family to gathering information.

Every Vietnamese 15 and over had to register and carry identity cards, these records were computerized and eventually it evolved into a highly computerized and statistical means of generating 1800 names a month for the target list, coordinating the information on suspects from 30,000 plus informants. When the strategic Hamlet program failed, CIA and military intelligence concentrated on the Phoenix Program, a terror campaign aimed at the civilian population.

Instead of winning hearts and minds, using the threat of assassination and a state of terror to defeat the NV. Many non-political Vietnamese were arrested and tortured and in effect forced into the resistance army. Phoenix Program architect Robert Komer, after leaving the Pentagon said, “I would have done a lot of things differently and been more cautious about getting us involved.” He called the war “a strategic disaster which cost us 57,000 lives and a half trillion dollars.”

Ambassador Francis D. Cook

Ambassador Cook’s distinguished 34-year career in the U.S. diplomatic service in the U.S. Foreign Service included service as U.S. Ambassador to Burundi, to Cameroon, and to the Sultanate of Oman, as well as Consul General in Alexandria, Egypt. (In the latter two posts, she was the first female chief of mission in the Persian Gulf, and the first female head of post in the Middle East for the United States.)

She also held numerous senior positions in the Department of State in Washington, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs (where she was Chair of the Executive Branch’s Inter-Agency Persian Gulf Security Working Group, and oversaw US global security assistance and peacekeeping/humanitarian deployments); Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Refugees; and Director for West Africa.

George Bush and the CIA

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