Democrat Party – Strategies

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Some Campaign Strategies Used by The Democrat Party

The Left utilizes various organizations within their infrastructure, grassroots, and network arenas to achieve their goals.

The Benefits of using the Race Card can be very lucrative for the Democrat Party

One such grassroots organization is Black Lives Matter.

Chuck Schumer blocks resolution opposing ‘defund the police’ movement.

Why would criminal Schumer do this? Because all the money donated to Black Orgs. such as Black Lives Matter really go directly to the Democrat Party . Let me show you how . . .

Go to:

Click on donate: The screen changes to . .

And that is how The Democrat Party steals and launders your money to pay themselves. Your money will never see a Black Community or help anyone in the Black Community. This is Money Laundering 101.

The level of capitalism and entrepreneurialism in the Left’s political machine is noteworthy and consistent with the historical trend of highly affluent leadership cadres.

For example, each of the groups listed below is funded and/or affiliated with Democracy Alliance.     


„Fundraising                          ACT Blue –

„Data                                     Catalist323 –

„Community organizing     U.S. PIRG, Unions, and door knocking,

„Opposition Research           American Bridge 21st


Media engagement – Media Matters for America

Campaigns – Democracy Partners (et al)

The Neo-Progressive Machine

Unmasking synthetic activism


ProgressNow and 26 state affiliates

Exposing Antifa – Unmasking Activism – Green/Climate/Environment Groups




Netroots Foundation, et al                             

Citizen Engagement Lab – and nearly three dozen affiliates

Share Blue Media                                          

The Left’s main effort is to control the masses by controlling the public’s perception of events—a job made much easier with over 170 Democracy Alliance-affiliated groups working in concert.

To achieve this, the Left relies on Mao’s mass line concepts.

Through direct control of the information infrastructure, including the mainstream media and the educational infrastructure, the Left identifies local grievances and packages their solutions within narratives and associated lexicons designed to garner support from the general population. In recent years, the Left has further extended its control into emerging technologies and social media platforms.

Democracy Matters Strategic Plan for Action 2017-2020

The Ultimate Goal: No USA at ALL!

As George Orwell wrote, “Power is not a means, it is an end.” Power alters the psychology of the individual that holds it. It is an extremely lonely condition, in which, once power is achieved, and there is nothing else to gain, the obsession turns to the preservation of power, and with that paranoia of losing it.

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