The Subversion of America Using Lies and Propaganda

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The Subversion of America using Lies and Propaganda

In 1940 the British – Israel movement was undermining our Republic.

Today this movement is called Zionism.

  1. Zionist
  1. a supporter of Zionism; a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.

“the artist’s parents were committed Zionists”

  • (in southern Africa) a member of any of a group of independent Churches which practice a form of Christianity incorporating elements of traditional African beliefs.

As George Orwell wrote, “Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution in persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

The most secret knowledge, a science which outdates history, is the science of control over people, governments and civilizations. The foundation of this ultimate discipline is the control of wealth. Through the control of wealth comes the control of public information and the necessities of life. Through the control of news media comes thought control. Through the control of basic necessities comes direct physical control of people.

The complete history of the Rothschild family (A must read)

“The term Internationalism has been popularized in recent years to cover an interlocking financial, political, and economic world force for the purpose of establishing a World Government. Today Internationalism is heralded from pulpit and platform as a ‘League of Nations’ or a ‘Federated Union’ to which the United States must surrender a definite part of its National Sovereignty. The World Government plan is being advocated under such alluring names as the ‘New International Order,’ ‘The New World Order,’ ‘World Union Now,’ ‘World Commonwealth of Nations,’ ‘World Community,’ etc. All the terms have the same objective; however, the line of approach may be religious or political according to the taste or training of the individual.” (Excerpt from A Memorial to be Addressed to the House of Bishops and the House of Clerical and Lay Deputies of the Protestant Episcopal Church in General Convention [October 1940])

I have selected the most important sections of the Congressional Record from August 19, 1940 as well as the links to the entire Congressional Record with the Remarks of Hon. J. Thorkelson of Montana in the House of Representatives as well as many more links so that you can dig deeper and do your own research.

The Hon. J. Thorkelson of Montana states his case using a number of articles, books, and notes from various group meetings to prove that the British – Israel movement is working to undermine and weaken the United States in order to create a World Government with Jerusalem as the capitol.

Remember this is from August 19, 1940, before the United States gets pulled into World War II.

Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 76th Congress, Third Session

Remarks of Hon. J. Thorkelson of Montana in the House of Representatives Monday, August 19, 1940

Highlights of each section that detail the subversion of America and how America has been propagandized and used to bring about a New World Order, Also Known As “Rules Based Order” with Jerusalem as the Capitol of the World.

Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife

Part 1

The hope expressed by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, in his book entitled, “Triumphant Democracy.”

Let men say that they will, I say that as surely as the sun in the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely is it one morning to rise to shine upon, to greet again the reunited states – the British American Union.” – Andrew Carnegie

This statement is clear, and the organizations which Mr. Carnegie endowed have spent millions in order to bring this about. This thing has been made possible by scholarships, exchange professors, subsidies of churches, subsidies of educational institutions; all of them working for the purpose of eliminating Americanism as was taught once in our schools and to gradually exchange this for an English version of our history.

These organizations were organized to bring about a British union, a union in which the United States would again become a part of the British Empire. However, this has been upset to some extent by the attempt of the internationalists to establish their own government as an International or world union. And there is, therefore, a conflict between the two, for England wants a British union, with America as a colony, and the international money changers want a Jewish controlled union, in order to establish their own world government.

It is, therefore, best for us to stay out of both of these, in order to save what is left of this Republic as it was given to us in 1787, by a people who knew more about international intrigue and the real problems that confronted the world, than we know today. These early founders not only understood the problems, but in drafting the Constitution they provide an instrument for us to follow, so that we could remain secure from foreign double-dealing and intrigue.

Had we adhered to the Constitution as it was given to us, we would have been secure and safe today. Therefore, it is our duty, in the interest of our people and in the interest of this Republic of the United States, to ponder seriously and to give fullest consideration to solving the problem which now confronts the world.

In doing so, I am rather inclined to believe that the real American people will decide without hesitation, to return to those fundamental principles that were set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Let no one tell you that this instrument is not as valuable today as it was in 1787, for the fact is that it is much more valuable today—so much so that complete disintegration of this Republic cannot be avoided should we fail to return our Government to the principles set forth therein.

Mr. Thorkelson also quotes from an article by Andrew Carnegie, “Drifting Together – Will the United States and Canada Unite?”

Summary of this section in one paragraph.

“Britain and America being now firmly agreed that those who attempted to tax the American Colonies against their protest were wrong, and that in resisting this the colonists vindicated their rights as British citizens and therefore only did their duty, the question arises: Is a separation forced upon one of the parties, and now deeply regretted by the other, to be permanent?

Written by request for the London Express, October 14, 1904, by Andrew Carnegie

Part II

Mr.  THORKELSON.    Mr. Speaker, we are now dominated and plagued by various pressure groups that care little or nothing about the United States as long as they can involve us in the present European war. Some of these groups are well known, others remain obscure, but nevertheless very powerful and effective in their insidious attempt to convince the people of this Nation that war is impending.

These groups are composed of members who are generally classed as the “intelligentsia.” I shall not question their intelligence, but if one is to judge them by what they have said and done, their intelligence is not being directed for the greater interest of the United States. Aiding these groups, I believe often innocently, are those whom we may take the liberty of calling their tools and servants. We have reached a stage where these anglophiles advance the thought that in order to Qualify as a good American, one must be pro English and willing to fight and die for England.

These England-first groups and hands-across-the-sea organization are made up of many Canadian and Anglo-American societies which are located in our larger cities. One of these, and the one to which I shall now refer, is the Pilgrims.


When the Pilgrims was organized in 1902, to aid in developing Anglophiles in the United States, the Canadians, being British subjects, were not solicited at first as members of this charitable and exclusive propaganda service to sell America to the British Empire.

Like converts, many of these members are more loyal to England than the British themselves. In their fanatical zeal to serve Albion, (alternative name for the island of Great Britain.)

I am informed by a student, that one of them placed the English crown on the flagstaff of the Columbia University.

If this is true, the Columbia alumni should “crown” him who gave orders for the mounting of it, and replace the crown with the eagle, so this noble emblem can rest in its rightful place. The Pilgrim membership may be found in our military organization, in the Government, and particularly among professors, ministers, and authors.

In wielding the pen, the aid of these writers is more valuable, for can they not write, as did Carnegie: Give America to England as a hemostat for the bleeding wound of the British Empire, which the surgeon left oozing after their operation in 1776: the operation which amputated the United States from the British Empire, and set America free.

These Pilgrims, being unfamiliar with the surgery of 1776, evidently do not realize that Canada joined to the United States will prove an equally efficient hemostat to stop this hemorrhage in the British Empire. The American Pilgrims no doubt fear this most sensible measure, because it might antagonize the noble and wealthy in the English Government and the Bank of England so much that they will pack up and leave for home.

Such exodus might also prove inconvenient to our idle, wealthy, and charming ladies and their parents, when in their crusade to obtain a new or slightly used husband to hang on their family tree, they find it necessary to embark for Palestine to satisfy their family ambition. It is this and more that the Americans must fight to counteract the propaganda which is now disseminated throughout the country and in our daily press, in order to save America for the Americans.

Many of the members of these groups are ignorant of the real purpose of these organizations and their influence in our political life. Some of the members are so blinded by the glamour and the exclusiveness of these clubs that they do not realize that in supporting their activities they betray America.

Mr. Speaker, it is interesting to read the speeches given by the American members of the Pilgrims, for they, like all converts, are more un-American and pro-English than the British themselves. The address of Joseph H. Choate is an example of an Anglophile, pertinent at this time in view of the conditions that exist today.

One of Mr. Choate’s most extraordinary statement, upon which every Member of Congress and the people of this Nation should ponder—particularly in view of the happenings since 1912: Now the people of this country are not going to allow anybody— any Congress, any government, any President—to break the good faith which they have pledged to the mother country.

In making this statement, Mr. Choate takes the position that Great Britain or England is our mother country; the same position that was taken by Cecil Rhodes over 50 years ago and by Andrew Carnegie in 1893, when he wrote a book entitled, “Triumphant Democracy.”

I want you to note particularly that this was in 1913, and that 1913 was the very year we changed our Government from a republic to a semi-democracy; the year in which we destroyed constitutional government, international security, and paved the road for us to become a colony of the British Empire.

It was also the same year in which we, by adopting the Federal Reserve Act, placed our Treasury under the control and domination of the Bank of England and the international banking groups that are now financing the British-Israel movement in the United States.

It was also the year preceding the World War; a war in which we became involved, as everyone knows, in 1917, but what everyone does not know is that we were committed to this war in 1910, and were to all intents and purposes in the war in 1914, when J. P. Morgan & Co. began to finance the Triple Entente (The Triple Entente was the informal understanding between

the Russian Empire, the French Third Republic, and Great Britain.) This statement is borne out by Mr. J. P. Morgan’s own testimony before the Senate committee investigating the munitions industry.

Mr. Choate was, therefore, right, because nothing has stopped, not even Congress, the destruction of this Republic and its gradual incorporation into the British Empire through the efforts of the many subversive and pro-English groups, led and directed, as I have said, by the British-Israel movement.

Part III

Mr. THORKELSON. Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my own remarks in the RECORD, I include a pamphlet by John J. Whiteford. This pamphlet should be of interest to every Member of Congress because it deals with a subject that will soon confront us, as it did in 1917:

“Sir Uncle Sam Knight or The British Empire” By John J. Whiteford.

Here are just a few of the paragraphs from the above pamphlet.

In these days of national and international confusion and conflict there is one issue on which the American people are substantially in agreement — We do not want war.

This great desire to keep out of war is perfectly logical. We know the cost of war from bitter experience. We are no more responsible for the outbreak of the present hostilities than we were in 1914.

We are not an aggressor nation and we have no designs on foreign territory. We have nothing to gain and much to lose if we again take part in foreign wars. We have enough vital problems at home that require all of our attention and efforts. When and if the time should ever arrive, we shall be fully able and willing to defend our shores against foreign invasion.

I would like to say to every American, “There is only one side we can take, and that is the American side.” With this in mind, let us try to find out what are the real facts behind these foreign made conflicts, what are the basic issues at stake, and what are the forces that are so desperately working to again involve the United States in a world war.

Only by facing facts and clearing our minds from the fog of selfish foreign propaganda can we arrive at the right answer to the question, “What is best for America?”

Today the greatest single menace to the peace of the United States is the same as in 1914. It can be summed up in one word – propaganda.

Even as today, this country was neutral at the beginning of the World War and managed to stay out of it from 1914 until 1917. But during that time the foreign propaganda machines were working overtime to get us involved in a war that was decidedly not of our making.

Finally, on April 6, 1917, America declared war on Germany and so became an active ally of Britain. In addition to the United States, the other allies were Belgium, Brazil, China, Cuba, France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Japan, Nicaragua, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Siam.

It is true that some of the Allies, like the United States, were active only during part of the war period while others were little more than benevolent bystanders. But against this powerful combination, the group of Germanys, Austria-Hungary. Turkey, and Bulgaria held out for more than 4 years, from August 1914 until November 1918, and the German group might have won the war but for the entrance of America into the conflict.

In the present crisis the only active allies of Britain are, so far, the British Empire units and France. If the conflict should spread into another world war Britain cannot again count on her former combination of allies; in fact, it is more than likely that some of these countries will be lined up against her. Therefore, the most powerful ally of all, the United States, must be kept in line by Britain against eventualities. That can only be accomplished through propaganda. And the British are past masters in the art of making gullible Americans swallow the bait of persuasive propaganda.

Few Americans realize the magnitude of British influence in this country. When I write frankly on this subject, I fully understand that I lay myself open to the accusation of favoring Britain’s enemies. That is not at all the case. I am only following the single track of being pro-American, and I would be grateful to any critics if they would join me on that straight road. I clearly see the menace of all subversive movements, as well as the great necessity of combating all these un- American activities.

The point is that, in our justified agitation over communism, Nazism, and fascism, we are overlooking another subversive movement that has actually proven to be more destructive to our peace and welfare. In the past it has been largely responsible for drawing this country into the world war at a cost of thousands of our young men and billions of dollars and a long period of depression. It does not work openly, and it is not generally recognized by the public. It does not yell from soap boxes in Union Square, call strikes, picket, or hold parades.

It operates from the top down and so it reaches into every stratum of American life. It is the far- reaching power of British Propaganda to make this country subservient to the interests of Great Britain and the British Empire.

A few links for more information on British Propaganda:

How did Britain encourage people at home to help win the war?

Techniques of Persuasion: basic ground rules of British propaganda during the Second World War

PHILIP M. TAYLOR, University of Leeds

Propaganda as a weapon? Influencing international opinion. Article written by: Ian Cooke Published: January 29, 2014

Part IV

Weapons of Mass Persuasion: The First World War in Posters

Mr. THORKELSON. Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my own remarks in the RECORD, I include a short article, “Undermining America.” The book “Cecil Rhodes”

Millin-Cecil-Rhodes-biography-of-British-empire-builder-1933 ring

Quotes from Cecil Rhodes will and confession of faith:

Quote from original will:

“Directed that a secret society should be endowed with the following objects: ‘The extension of British rule throughout the world; the colonization by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labor, and enterprise; and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates the Islands of Cyprus and Candia the whole of South America, the islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire,’” “The foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the best interests of humanity.”

Quote from new will:

“He substituted English-speaking peoples for actual Britons; he came to realize his limitations and reduced his scheme to a mere beginning of it, the scholarships; but yet the thought behind each successive will remained the same-the world of England, England for the world.” See page 145, by Sarah Gertrude Millen.

Other quotations:

Page 377: “But the essence of the will, as the world knows, is the Scholarship Foundation. In the end all that Rhodes can do toward extending British rule throughout the world and restoring Anglo-Saxon unity and founding a guardian power for the whole of humanity is to arrange for a number of young men from the United States, the British colonies, and Germany to go to Oxford. There are, accordingly, rather more Rhodes scholars from America than from all the British Dominions put together.”

Another important paragraph in this section is:

1917-1918: Witnessed the promise of England to give Palestine to the Zionist Jews, if they would throw America into the war on her side. This was reported in the New York Times March 8, 1930 Sunday editorial. It was this that caused Otto Kahn to come to America and become an American citizen. (See New York Sun, June 19, 1936 – Pledged Jews National Home – p.19.)

Just to get a taste of the immense influence Zionist Jews had in America. Here is an article that celebrates 100 years of Jewish influence in Chicago. This is just one state.

Among the many methods of subversion stated by the London Times, to be then in operation or in prospect in this country were:

“Efficiently organized propaganda to mobilize the press, the church, the stage, and the cinema, to press into active service the whole educational system the universities, public and high schools and primary schools. Histories and textbooks on literature should be revised. New books should be added, particularly in the primary school. Hundreds of exchange university scholarships should be provided. Local societies should be formed in every center to foster British-American good will, in close cooperation with an administrative committee.”

Conventionally taught and accepted history and science have a fundamental influence on the way that we perceive the world. Therefore, the control of education and the way that these subjects are presented has been of paramount importance to these Elite Assholes. This has been one of the main occupations of the Round Table and in America the task was given to the Rockefeller Foundation by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to prevent American life from returning to its pre-World War I state.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt

Propaganda: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto from

Childhood happiness, enthusiasm and excitement for life has been suffocated as we have been taught to operate within a system which denies the very essences of humanity – love and the ability to question and search for the truth of our current existence.

Here are some examples of how history has been suppressed and manipulated:

Why did Zionists Sabotage a Texas Event about the USS Liberty and 9/11? and-9-11/

The truth about the Israeli military attack on the USS Liberty is suppressed by Zionists because it proves that Israel launched a false-flag attack against the United States in 1967 – a blatant act of war that exposes Israel as an aggressor nation.

When Zionists Terrorized London

There is, of course, a good reason why Zionist (i.e. Israeli) history is NOT taught in our universities in the United States. It is simply because if Zionist history were taught in our schools, then Americans would quickly realize that the real terrorists are the Zionists. Terrorism has been the tool of the Zionists all along and continues to be so to this day.

The following article from today’s Israeli press (Ha’aretz) sheds some light on this history: Coat Bomb and Explosive Prosthesis: British Intel Files Reveal How the Zionist Stern Gang Terrorized London

Ha’aretz, December 2, 2017

  • Zionist terrorism was the main threat.
  • MI5 placed known extremist Jewish and Zionist groups in Britain under intense surveillance.
  • Stern Gang member claimed that he had “invented the book bomb.”
  • “The execution was perfect. I learned an important lesson. No security measures can stop sophisticated imaginative planning.”

– Yaacov Levstein of the Stern Gang (i.e. LEHI)

MI5’s dossiers on the group released this week cast the Cold War’s early years in a stark new light: Terrorism, not the Soviet Union, was the main threat.

Records declassified this week by Britain’s Security Service, MI5, reveal an urgent terrorist threat that Britain faced in the 20th century. No, it wasn’t the Irish Republican Army or Islamist terrorist groups that would plague Britain later in the century, but rather extremist Zionist groups fighting the British after World War II to establish the State of Israel.

Here are a couple more important paragraphs in Part IV

1935: Witnessed a secret national peace conference financed by a grant from the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, see New York American. December 19, 1935: Meeting behind closed doors at the Westchester Country Club at Harrison, N.Y., the conference, composed of 29 organizations, adopted the following six-point program:

  1. A Nation-wide radio campaign to commit the United States to a policy of internationalism.
  2. Crippling of the Army and Navy billion-dollar appropriation bill by attaching a billion-dollar housing project clause as a rider.
  3. Abolition of the Army and Navy billion-dollar sedition bill, which would punish anyone attempting to incite enlisted men to insubordination or mutiny.
  4. Abolition of the R.O.T.C. in colleges,
  5. A vigorous campaign against those who oppose this country’s entrance into the League of Nations and to prevent the United States from obstructing the League in applying sanctions.
  6. Adoption of the drastic neutrality bill.

Andrew Carnegie left hundreds of millions of dollars to carry out his plan.

The Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Twentieth Century Funds have through subsidies control over our press, churches, schools, the stage, cinema, colleges, and our Government and America has not had a President entirely free from this control, particularly since the war.

In his Farewell Address, George Washington bequeathed to the American people, as he said the “counsels of an old and affectionate friend.: And he did so in the hope that his advice and admonition would, in years to come, serve the following useful purpose:

  1. “Moderate the fury of party spirit”
  2. Warn against the mischiefs of foreign Intrigue.: (This includes Britain.)
  3. “Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”

George Washington also said:

“I never have heard, and I hope I never shall hear any serious mention of a paper emission in this State: yet such a thing may be in agitation. Ignorance and design are productive of much mischief. The former (ignorance) is the tool of the latter (design) and is often set at work suddenly and unexpectedly.”

A must read is The Congressional Record, January 24, 1934. Speech by Hon. Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania,

Here is one last point in Part IV that is very important.

Mr. Speaker, the information contained in this booklet is important at this time, particularly in view of the fact that the pro-English groups in the United States are now working in close cooperation with world internationalist organizations.

Before 1917, foreign influence came mainly from Anglo-American groups. Since the World War, these groups have been fortified by the international financiers and the internationalist, or so-called minority group. The pressure is therefore more than double, for combined, these groups control all avenues of communication and are now using them to further their plan of British domination to establish a world federation of states.

For more information on Secret Societies of today click on this link:

Let me call your attention to the fact that on the reverse of the great seal of the United States, which appears on our dollar bills, you will find the exact symbol of the British-Israel world federation movement.

Symbol of the British-Israel World Federation Movement

This symbol is also carried on literature of other organizations promoting a world government and a world religion.

At the bottom of the circle surrounding the pyramid, you will find the wording: “Novus Ordo Seclorum”

It was this new order that was advocated by Clinton Roosevelt several hundred years ago; recently in Philip Dru, and now followed by the Executive.

Do you not think, as good American people, that the administration has gone far from constitutional government, when there is inscribed a symbol on the reverse of our great seal, that advocates a new order?

Yes, an order which means the destruction of our Republic as formulated in the Constitution of the United States. It may also interest you to know that this contemplated “Union Now,” as advocated by Clarence Streit, will be under the control of Great Britain, and is a movement to return the United States as a colony in the British Empire.

Should we become a part of this union, our traditional rights and liberties will be lost, and we will have no greater status than an English possession.

This was the dream of Cecil Rhodes and Andrew Carnegie, when the latter wrote his book, Triumphant Democracy, in 1893. – Hon. J. Thorkelson

Part V

Part 5 goes into great detail of how people of Jewish decent integrated themselves among the titled families of Britain.

List of British Jewish nobility and gentry

History of the Jews in England

350 Years of American Jewry

Part VI

Details the Benedict Arnold Peace Society. Here is some inside and interesting history of the infamous “peace” proposal.

How the scheme to form an alliance with England was engineered: Carnegie’s Crafty Method.

Remember this is in 1940 before any of this actually happened. Proving once again how everything has been engineered and planned for a very long time.

Part VII

What is the truth of the British Israel Movement?

British Israel Propaganda and Deceit

The role of British elites is the creation of the state of Israel and their manipulation of Christian fundamentalists to set the stage for an utterly bogus and fabricated Armageddon/End Times scenario in order to usher in the satanic one world government.

The truth is that the British – Israel Movement is not a denomination and is not an ecclesiastic sect; but is instead a subsidized political organization. The question may then be asked.

How can the British-Israel Movement call the Christian clergy ‘brethren’ when their organization is not ecclesiastic, but political, as I have stated?

It is indeed unfortunate that many Christian churches have allowed the British-Israel movement in the church organizations.

Today the British-Israel movement is called Zionism. If Zionism is a political movement is it Democrat or Republican? It is neither, so why is it allowed in the United States?

Ministers should know that political movements within church organizations will destroy the church itself.

In the New Testament nothing is EVER said about Israel continuing as a nation or that her possessing the land will be a continuing (restored) reality. Its absence is noteworthy.

A second restoration for the nation is not mentioned in the whole of the Old Testament. This is because God has already kept his promises and completed the purposes he had for Israel.

The Law which is referred to in the Old Testament is the Law which God gave to Israel in covenant (Exodus 19:5-6).

The New Testament is clear that the Law has been abolished and so it is no longer in effect because it was fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2:15, by abolishing in His flesh the enmity, which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances, so that in Himself he might make the two into one new man . . .

Jesus created a “new man” out of divided humanity. Humanity therefore was restored in Christ to the original design – created in the image of God.

In the original creation there was no ethnic designation or identity, no Jew or Gentile, no “Israel” or any other nation. In Jesus Christ, humanity is one, there is no place for any nationalism.

In the New Testament all people who are in Christ are specifically described with the designation given to Israel in the Old Testament: a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. God’s own possession, and the people who were once not God’s people now are.

(1 Peter 2:9-10, and Romans 9:25-26 and Revelation 1:6)

“Let us now be practical. The United States Army and the United States Navy, conscripts or no conscripts, are to crusade in a stupid war in Asia and Africa. Our young men are to give their lives – not in protection or defense of the United States, but for the sole purpose of establishing a kingdom in Arabia with Jerusalem as the capital, and with David as the king of the world.”

– Hon. J. Thorkelson


In this section it is made clear that the British-Israel movement has infiltrated our churches, schools, and even the Army itself.

Part IX

This part explains how the British-Israel movement is not in the best interest of the United States.

My reason for inserting these articles is to bring to light the fact that there is a movement on foot to try to establish authenticity, or to prove the prophecies of the Old Testament.

The prophecies of the Old Testament have already been fulfilled with the birth of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice.

This is why Christians in America have a New Testament and no longer practice the teachings of the Old Testament.

And here is where the Zionist movement is totally exposed . . .

The entire Anti-Semite bullshit is just that BULLSHIT. The People that say they are Jews in current day Palestine are not, therefore; Calling these people out for their lies and deception cannot be anti-Semitic.

In conclusion:

“No nation can survive that foregoes the teachings that gave it life and security, and these teachings cannot survive if we destroy the Nation that gives the people an opportunity to express and fortify themselves in the comfort that such teachings give them. We must therefore, as I have said before, return the Nation to those sound and fundamental principles upon which it came into life, namely, the Constitution of the United States.” – Hon. J. Thorkelson

As stated in the article from global research:

The more people think for themselves; the worse it is for this criminal group of subversives and liars that look to destroy the United States. People, free thinking individuals are the greatest threat to those that wish us harm.

That is why the answer and solution to exposing this criminal group of subversive liars is the free-thinking individual.

The challenge is global and globalized; the solution is local and localized. The problem is conformity and controlled thought; the answer is individuality and free thought. or

We must free ourselves of this imposed slavery and never allow it to happen again.

Bring home our Troops NOW!

For more information on the plans for a Global Government: or

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